Visiting Twin Peaks
02 Feb 2019 - 02 Feb 2019
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Salish Lodge & Spa
Snoqualmie, United States
While visiting Twin Peaks why not stay at the famous Great Northern? Only its exterior was used in the series, but stay is still a must for true Twin Peaks fans. Hotel has also small souvenir shop with Twin Peaks merchandise to purchase with you.
The Double R Diner
North Bend, United States
Good stop for a damn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie. Norma Jennings won't be serving you, but you can still definitely get that real Twin Peaks vibe.
The Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn
Fall City, United States
The most popular place in Twin Peaks for drinks and live music. Julee Cruise won't be getting on the stage anymore, but you can stop for some lunch and even stay over - the place is actually B&B called The Roadhouse Restaurant & Inn.
Ronette's Bridge
Snoqualmie, United States
Location for dramatic scene where Ronette Pulaski crossed (imaginary) state border, after escaping from the hands of murderer. The bridge is located close to Twin Peaks sign.
Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department
Historic Site
Snoqualmie, United States
Step inside Twin Peaks murder investigation at the sheriff's office! Well, these days place hosts compelety different business, but if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of something that belongs to Harry S. Truman.
Twin Peaks
Scenic Lookout
Snoqualmie, United States
"Diane, 7:30 am, February twenty-fourth. Entering town of Twin Peaks." Unfortunately the sign is no longer in place, but you can visit the location where it used to stand and experience arriving to the remote, mysterious town like agent Dale Cooper.
The Giant Log
Monument / Landmark
Snoqualmie, United States
The giant log (known as Snoqualmie Centennial Log) seen in Twin Peaks credit sequence stands still exactly where it was - although surrounded by protective fence these days.
Snoqualmie Point Park
Snoqualmie Valley, United States
On February 12, Laura Palmer, Donna Hayward and James Hurley had their last picnic together in a viewpoint known as Snoqualmie Point Park. The place is actually nice for quick stop, photos and viewing the mountain range.
The Packard Sawmill
There isn't much left of the famous sawmill, but you can still recognize it. The remains stand next to place used as sheriff's department, although in the series, these two places weren't close to each other.
Leo and Shelly Johnson House
Trucker and criminal Leo Johnson and his wife Shelly, waitress working at Double R Diner, lived in this house. Leo's and Shelly's house is private property, so therefore detailed location is not shared.
Laura's murder site
As we know, Laura Palmer's body was found covered in plastic on beach, but you can see the place where the cold-blooded murder actually took place in the center of Snoqualmie, near the Giant Log.
Big Ed's Gas Farm
General Travel
United States
Owned by Ed Hurley, the small gas station looks quite different what it was on the pilot, but you can easily imagine James arriving to the station with his motorcycle. In the left side across road, Ed's and Nadine's house still stands as well.