Doha - 8h stopover
by Taru from Wowanders |
20 Aug 2018 - 20 Aug 2018
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Al Jasra Boutique Hotel
الدوحة, Qatar
Wandered in and around by accident but didn't stay here. This boutique hotel has beautiful interior and super friendly staff, along with nice looking spa. Perfect location next to Souq.
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Al Terrace at Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel
Middle Eastern Restaurant
الدوحة, Qatar
Hotel restaurant with good Lebanese cuisine. Came here for breakfast which was great buffet of local and international food. Loved the fresh local bread fried on spot and the juices. Have been told the food here is great also for dinner.
Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahab Mosque
Also called State Grande Mosque. Beautiful huge mosque where i got to visit in full solitude. Separate entrance and sections for men and women, women given capes and scarves at the entrance.
Doha Corniche
Scenic Lookout
My favourite part of Doha was walking along the 7km long Al Corniche early in the morning when there were only couple of joggers around. Stunning sunrise. I've heard its beautiful also at night time.
Camel Pen
If you want to see camels, this is the place! A little camel farm right next to the Souq.
Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) (متحف الفن الإسلامي)
Art Museum
Doha, Qatar
Beautiful building at a beautiful spot. The museum displays beautiful old arabic pottery, jewelry, carpets etc. Free to enter.
Souq Waqif (سوق واقف)
Flea Market
الدوحة, Qatar
The shops along the small alleys of the bazaar are open from 8am-12, 4pm->. To avoid crowds come early, to see the crowds come late in the evenings.
Hamad International Airport (DOH) (مطار حمد الدولي)
الدوحة, Qatar
Full of shops, modern, well functioning airport near city. Get there with taxi (affordable) or bus 777 which leaves every 20min and goes to Souq, MIA, corniche, pearl etc. For local data SIM card, go to Ooredoo at arrivals (turn right after customs).
Al Mourjan Business Lounge
Airport Lounge
الدوحة, Qatar
Huge and super impressive lounge by Qatar Airways. Normally only for business and first class passengers (one world emerald doesn't normally even get you in), but I think I got in due to morning rush hour...
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