Ruka - Skiing in Northern Finland
by Maija | Wowanders |
05 Dec 2019 - 09 Dec 2019
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Hotel Royal Ruka
Calm, small hotel 1,5km from Ruka village. Lovely views to Juhannuskallio cliffs. Ski trails start close by.
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Pizzeria Ruka
Pizza Place
Ruka, Finland
Knows for its pizzas - and for a good reason 🍕
Uuttusuon kahvila
Coffee Shop
Kuusamo, Finland
Small but neat ski trail cafe.
Ski Bistro
Ruka, Finland
Typical hillside restaurant.
Kuusamo, Finland
Test out the donuts! Has also a selection of souveniers and homecoming gifts.
Oulun linja-autoasema
Bus Station
Oulu, Finland
Took a bus from Oulu to Kuusamo. Luckily had time to buy a bit of snacks from R kiosk next to the bus station.
Rukan Huippu
Ruka, Finland
Grey in daytime but darkness was beutiful. And in Sprint, there should be a lot of sun shine.
Rosan Ja Rudolfin Lastenmaa
Ski Trail
If skiing woth kids, check out the reindeers and huskies.
Ski Area
Kuusamo, Finland
23/35 slopes were open in the beginning of December. In good condition.
Kuusamo, Finland
Walked to see (in torch light) and hear the waterfall in dark.
Oulangan kansallispuisto
Nature Preserve
Kuusamo, Finland
National park with many different trails options. Most famous one Karhunkierros "Bear circle"). Close to Russian border.
Ruka cross country trails
When we visited Ruka, only part of the skiing trails were ready. But the ready ones were in really good condition.
Ruka Sport Shop
Ski Shop
Rented skis etc from here. A bit cheaper than in the neighbouring rental shop.
Scenic Lookout
Lovely view next to our hotel! The photo not capturing it.
Kuusamo, Finland
Open 24/7 till end of March. Has even a small ice chapel: coolest wedding place of the year?
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