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01 Jun 2019 - 01 Jun 2019
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Porvoo is a great destination for a day trip or staycation, and I try to visit it atleast once a year. The restaurant scene there is truly good, and I also enjoy stopping into the small shops in the picturesque old town. - - - - - - - 🇫🇮 - - - - - - - Porvoo on upea kohde lyhyelle viikoloppulomalle tai päiväretkelle. Ravintola- ja kahvilatarjonta on erinomainen, ja vanhan kaupungin liikkeeissä on ihana vierailla. Myös jokiranta on kaunis, ja yöpyjälle on tarjolla erilaisia vaihtoehtoja. Luxuksen ystävälle Pariisin Ville on erinomainen vaihtoehto.
Hotel Haikko Manor (Haikon kartano)
Porvoo, Finland
Spa hotel 10min car ride outside Porvoo by sea. Good restaurant and pool and sauna area. Photo: Flickr, Felipe Tofani, cc by-sa 2.0
Pariisin Ville
Porvoo, Finland
Absolutely amazing boutique hotel in the middle of old town. This is true pampering! Photo: Wikimedia, Richard Mortel, CC BY-SA 2.0
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Scandinavian Restaurant
Porvoo, Finland
Excellent food from seasonal and local ingredients. Everything designed to be shared. They also have fish buffet during summer weekends which was delicious. And beautiful terrace and yummy margaritas 😁
Ani's Café
Porvoo, Finland
What used to be Postres is now Ani's cafe that offers great vegetarian lunches, cakes and of course great artesan ice cream.
Meat District
Porvoo, Finland
Amazing meats, especially the steak tartare and burgers. Large space indoors and large outdoor terrace.
Bistro Sinne
Scandinavian Restaurant
Porvoo, Finland
Sorry for the crappy image that I took driving by. Been here several times on earlier trips and the food is really good. Atmosphere a bit lacking cozyness, but food is good.
Porvoon Paahtimo
Porvoo, Finland
Very good coffee and tea but the river on a sunny terrace. And the cinnamon bun wasn't bad either 😉
Clothing Store
Porvoo, Finland
Clothing stole specialized in linen. Beautiful cloths, largely from their own brand.
Sisustus Ometta
Arts & Crafts Store
Cute little home decoration store, also has some other cute things such as unique soaps etc.
Porvoo Cathedral (Porvoon tuomiokirkko)
Porvoo, Finland
The old church of Porvoo is known for the several fires and one of the most visited places in the city. Photo: Isaac Wedin, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0
Pedestrian Plaza
Porvoo, Finland
After you're done with the old town, you might want to walk a bit along the river. Several terraces, nice little promenade on a sunny day.
Vanha Porvoo / Gamla Borgå
Porvoo, Finland
Old town of Porvoo is packed with charming old wooden houses, cute shops, cafeterias and more.
Candy Store
Porvoo, Finland
The legendary Porvoo chocolaterie, known by most Finns since childhood. You can even try some of them for free!
Sasu's Playhouse
Furniture / Home Store
Porvoo, Finland
Large home decoration store, beautiful things.
Toy Museum / Lelumuseo
History Museum
Porvoo, Finland
The toy museum has over thousand dolls and numerous other toys for visitors of all ages to admire. Return back to your childhood! Located in the middle of old town.
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